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Summit Church & Second Stories

23 Feb 2012 | Categories: Featured | Posted by: admin

In December 2011, we brought the leaders of Summit together to talk about their vision for the future, the growth of Summit Church and how Summit can continue to effect lives in Central Florida and beyond. We shot a roundtable set up in a vacant warehouse in an industrial district of Downtown Orlando, all against a huge art wall that traced Summit’s history from the very beginning.

I (Danny) directed the shoot. We had a crew of 8. 4 guys on Canon DSLR cameras and L lenses led by DP Marshall Head. We worked with Jim Dotson of Muskrat Ranch to tame the audio in the giant empty warehouse space. We pulled all our vehicles into the space and draped packing blankets everywhere to dampen the echo. We also had to scare off a large flock of birds, wait for the police to stop circling our block and take a time out for a series of helicopters and dump trucks.
We shot the roundtable set up as well as 3 stand up pieces in front of the Art wall, all in one day. The resulting videos are the centerpiece of the Second Stories campaign, tasked with raising 10 million dollars over 3 years.

Check out the campus videos as well.