A Brain Divided

Joscelyn’s Story

Joscelyn was born with a form of epilepsy that could cause her sometimes dozens of seizures a week. Medicine couldn’t help and soon enough her parents and doctors had their backs against the wall. Either let things go the way they were going and risk permanent brain damage and even death OR do something drastic. They chose a hemispherectomy, a seizure that basically removes half the brain.

The story, a bunch of creative elements, and a team

Add it all together


Shot on Canon 60d & Panasonic GH3 with Zeiss Prime Lenses. Audio recorded with Zoom H6n. And we made heavy use of our Dana Dolley.


This piece called for a custom music track so we partnered with Kyle Cox to create a track that both expressed the glitchy vibe of seizure activity (as seen through brain scans) and showed Joscelyn’s growth as the story evolved from frustration to hope.


Josh Holtsclaw hand-painted the opening title sequence. Designed to illustrate the onset of a seizure, the art was a series of growing spirals and circles that soon overtake the screen and spiral out of control.

Our Part

When we learned about Joscelyn’s story through our partners at Florida Hospital for Children we knew that they had to share the story. We had the opportunity to document Joscelyn’s journey over the course of 2 years – through the ups and downs of her story. Following her through surgeries and doctor’s appointments and watching as she grew up – seizure free. It was a remarkable video to be a part of and we are very proud of the results. We are especially proud of Florida Hospital choosing to take chances and show a story that was complicated  and not cookie cutter. It showed an honest and vital side of the Hospital.