We can take even the smallest idea and turn it into something massive. Or we can just shoot an overhead drone shot. Or if you’re on-location from another market and need an assist from local Orlando crew, we’re here for that, too.

Simple to super-complex. It’s all Studio Say So.


Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

Our focus. Working with you from concept and strategy, through to post-production and presentation. Acting as your true partner. Crafting a video that’s both creative and professional. It’s what we’ve done with you. And for you. Since 2008.

Film Crew

Film Crew

From fully built out, custom crews. To one-man bands. We work well with others and have all the gear you’ll need. Also, we’ll travel and send teams of any to size to any location in the world to capture what you need.



It can’t be said enough exactly how important this stage is in the video-making process. And our post production editors are dedicated, experienced, highly skilled and passionate about storytelling.



Not to drone on about this stuff any longer, but it’s worth mentioning that we are FAA-licensed and insured drone pilots. Shooting with the DJI Inspire 1 X5, our 3 person team ensures excellent footage, captured safely.

When Valencia College marked its 50th anniversary, we hoped to create a video that would avoid the usual self congratulatory message or nostalgic look back, and instead, define Valencia’s place in the lives of our students.  Studio Say So brought that vision beautifully to life — on time and on budget. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this project than Studio Say So, whose commitment and talent made them a pleasure to work with throughout the production process.

Carol TraynorPublic Relations Director Valencia College

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The Videos We Make

Brand Films

An anthem for your brand. These high end videos are produced to speak for your business long-term. And tell the story of who you are and what drives you. Typically, production of a brand film involves large scale shoots, extensive talent and film level production.

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Commercials & Advertisements

The tried and true, commercial spot. In this arena, it’s all about entertaining and activating your audience while staying “on brand.” We’ve got the creative firepower and production capacity to create anything from YouTube pre-roll videos to full-blown TV ad campaigns.

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Trustworthy and pure. As close to word-of-mouth as you can get. Testimonials are powerful short films that narrate through interview. They can be as simple as honest quotes from happy customers. Or as captivating as the first-hand account of a doctor saving a child’s life.

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Sales Videos

Potential customers like to see and hear your products or services in action. So an effective sales video can either get the conversation started to put the proverbial cherry on top of your sales presentation.

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Great aerial videos elevate stories on a grand scale. And are both effective and illustrative when you need to capture something big. Think real estate, land development, transportation, large outdoor events, etc.

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Training Videos

Inherently valuable. Training videos save your business time and money. Plus they let employees and customers learn and train anywhere, at any time. These can be instructional, informational or welcoming to new hires.

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"The team at Studio Say So does exceptional work. Their creativity, professionalism and dedication shine in all that they produce."

Patrick De La RozaPresident, Ease Applications

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The first, and arguably, most important step. When we listen and learn from you. Then form a strategy together. Because after all, every project has its own personality. Some are funny. Some emotional. Some on a tight budget and others, perhaps lavish.


Guided by your needs and budget, we craft the central idea that drives the story behind your video. This process is collaborative and creative. And we work to deliver the best video possible within the assignment guidelines.

Pre Production

The real video work begins here. Script writing. Storyboard illustrating. Auditioning. Scouting. Shot planning. All under the leadership of a full-time Production Manager who lays the foundation for a problem-free shoot.


Lights, camera, production. It’s time to get cameras rolling and actors acting. With you, Studio Say So and a small army - including lighting specialists, an audio team, makeup and wardrobe. And probably a confused intern or two.

Post Production

In this part of the process, videos go from great to extraordinary. You could say this is where the magic happens. And it’s also where we got our start - editing large video projects for high-end clients.


When the work is done, our partnership isn’t. We want to be an extension of your team. Your creative problem solvers. Who you can call in the middle of the night with an idea. Or when you need that big idea thought up for you.

Let’s get started See our work