Medical videos that educate. Heartfelt stories that engage.

To make the world a healthier place, you need people from every walk of life to understand your message.

Simplify The Complex.

Instill trust, battle poor online medical advice, and make even the most complex instructions easy to understand with healthcare video production. 


Whether you need to train staff, improve internal branding, increase awareness, encourage donations, or educate patients on medical procedures and tools, information connects best when told through stories.


of the U.S. population are visual learners.


of video marketers say video increases product/service understanding.


of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.

You don't have to hold our hand.

We’ve worked the field long enough to know healthcare is always changing, and our long term partnerships keep us up to speed with the latest health regulations, technologies, and trends.


As one of the most experienced medical video production companies in the country, we can prescribe the right solution and concept, script, and shoot any video you need.





years in



awards for

healthcare videos.

“Their work is obviously beautiful, but my favorite part about working with Studio Say So is that they are true partners throughout every step of the process. They not only work to understand your goals for each project, but they are also committed to really understanding your brand and your audience. They are responsive, nimble, and easy to work with, and they’ll bend over backwards to meet deadlines. Most importantly, you can tell that they truly care about what they do and the success of your partnership. The result is work that resonates.”

- Luke Woodling, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Rollins College

“We pitch our video ideas with confidence, knowing SSS will always achieve our vision. They are excellent collaborators on set, and provide value to our client relationships. Most of all, their willingness to work within our creative parameters and be genuinely enthusiastic and creative keeps us coming back each opportunity.”

- 321 The Agency

“When Valencia College marked its 50th anniversary, we hoped to create a video that would avoid the usual self congratulatory message or nostalgic look back, and instead, define Valencia’s place in the lives of our students. Studio Say So brought that vision beautifully to life — on time and on budget. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this project than Studio Say So, whose commitment and talent made them a pleasure to work with throughout the production process.”

- CAROL TRAYNOR, Public Relations Director Valencia College

Make your message stick.

Still have questions?

Review our healthcare video production FAQs.

What types of healthcare institutions do you work with?

We’ve worked with all kinds of healthcare organizations, from large hospital networks and specialty care centers to medical technology apps and software.

What types of videos can you make?

We’ve made every video a healthcare organization could need for their internal and external campaigns, including but not limited to TV commercials, testimonial videos, training videos, patient education videos, and social media content.

How much do medical videos cost?

Cost depends heavily on your project and its needs. Our live-action and animated video projects start at $10,000 and go up from there. For an accurate project estimate, get in touch.

How long does it take to complete medical videos?

Project timeline depends on several factors, including how many videos you need, video length and complexity, whether we’re writing your videos from scratch, feedback turnaround time, and the deadlines you’ve provided. On average, a video takes 3 months to produce, but we can take more or less based on your needs.

Do you make animated videos?

Yes, we can create animated, live-action, or combination videos based on your needs and goals. Live action videos are better at humanizing organizations, while animations are great at breaking down complex explanations.

What if I don’t know what video(s) I need?

We’ll help you figure it out. We’ve worked with enough healthcare clients to look at the challenges you face, understand how video can help, and ultimately design a solution that connects with your target audience to achieve the goals you’ve set for your company.

What if I already have the entire video planned out?

No matter how far along your vision is, we can pick up where you left off. While many clients require our advice and story-telling expertise, we’re happy to be an execution partner if that’s all you need.

What about actors, locations, and props?

If there are specific actors, locations, and props you’d like to use for a video, we can work with your preferences. Otherwise, we handle all of these details ourselves in the pre-production stage of our creative process.

Where can I publish my video once it’s done?

You can publish your video anywhere you want, though we’ll discuss your best options for promotion both pre- and post-production. Proper video distribution is just as important as the video itself, and we want your videos to achieve your goals.