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Who We Are

We live to tell stories. We use video and moving images to help you tell your story in a way that is fresh, unique and personal. Our combination of creative passion and technical experience helps us make the right production decisions to make your project a success.

What We Do

We believe that every detail is key in making great content, so we focus on the nitty gritty. We can walk your project through it’s life cycle, from the first seed of an idea all the way to your premiere. We write, direct, edit and produce documentaries, multi-camera studio shoots and high end commercial projects.

Our Partners & Clients

We are proud to work with the 2 biggest employers in Central Florida. We are just as proud to work with small non-profits and a socially responsible toymakin’ start up. We love our clients, regardless of size, and are constantly striving to exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on long term partnerships lasting multiple projects and multiple years.

Our Partners and Clients include Concern Worldwide, Walt Disney Imagineers, Summit Church, Charity Water, Florida Hospital, Tegu Toys

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Building a Hackintosh!

Categories: Featured | Posted by: Marshall Head

Marshall at your service – Creative Director, General Handyman and Resident Hacker - If you’re not familiar, a hackintosh is sort of Frankenstein creation computer that is forcefed Mac’s OSX Operating System. It’s put together more like kids used to do in the early 2000′s, or how the folks at CYBERPOWER used...