Brand Video – Valencia College Collaborative Design Center

The Valencia Collaborative Design center is where tough problems meet their match. Here, creativity meets functionality to bring the most innovative solutions to light. With the help of a process design expert, a customized plan is  created for each client in order to ensure success.

Our partners at Valencia contacted Studio Say So to create a brand video for the Collaborative Design Center. To show potiential clients the full CDC experience. Our focus was three-fold.

  1.  To show the beautiful space, that was custom designed to allow creativity to flourish
  2. To show creativity in action with real groups engaged in solving problems through collaborative design.
  3. Showing testimonials from real customers who had business-impacting experiences with Gert and the team at the Collaborative Design Center.

If you have a  product you are offering to businesses, the quickest most efficient way to show what you are all about is video. In a few short minutes you can deliver vital information, beautiful imagery and client testimonials in a fun to watch package. Brand videos are a specialty at Studio Say So, give us a call so we can get started on making yours.

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