App Video – Mend Family

Tired of dragging a sick kid out of the house to drive to a noisy waiting room and wait with a pile of other sick & miserable kids for hours just to see your doctor? Mend has set out to change that, by bringing excellent doctors to your home at the push of a button. With the Mend app you can order a housecall and get a doctor to your place within 45 minutes.

In 2015 Mend reached out to Studio Say So to create an app video that showcases the value proposition they present. We worked to learn their product and created a video that compares the peace and quiet of home to the chaos and lunacy of a clinic waiting room through the eyes of two moms trying to get their sick kids taken care of.

Everything about our style and design of this app video was created to present the home as a peaceful place where kids can rest, Mom can still get work done and time isn’t wasted. We used soft lighting, friendly tones and peaceful set ups to convey tranquility. For the waiting room we used 16 child extras, harsh lighting, loud sounds and a hot color look to show agitation and chaos.

We wanted to feature the communication between two parents who might not have time to talk on the phone but were keeping in touch, so we had them texting. Rather then a series of long over the shoulder shots of texting we used a sort of heads up display framed next to their faces to show texts arriving without turning the camera away from the action at hand. All in all it ended up being a really fulfilling project for a great product with some fun people. And we are proud of the result, have a look.

If your company is in the app business you need to explain your product quickly to potential customers – An app video is the best way to do that. It’s the simplest way to show a problem and presenting your app as a simple solution and showcasing your app in action. And it’s a great opportunity to show your corporate personality and goals as well. If you are looking to make an app video, please call or email to set up an introductory meeting.

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