Case Study

Rollins College

Ranked the #1 Regional University in the south, Rollins College is a private college in Winter Park, Florida, that needed a video to serve as the creative anchor for Brighter Together—their largest fundraising campaign in over 135 years.

Video Type: Fundraising Campaign Production   Company: Studio Say So   Services: Creative, Full Production
Director: Marshall Head   Producers: Danny Miller & Mackenzie Wiler   Cinematographer: Marshall Head   Editor: Audri Tearpak

The Challenge

With a mere 2-month turnaround time, Rollins needed a centerpiece video that could help launch, build momentum for, and anchor their 2021 Brighter Together Fundraising Campaign. The goal was to create a video that would wow and excite recent and established donors and alums to reach Rollins’ fundraising goal of $275 million.

Our Process

Thanks to our long relationship with Rollins, we quickly pinpointed their needs, desires, and voice. From there, they gave us the autonomy to move fast. With their team helping make possible the shooting opportunities we requested, we were able to move quickly, provide frequent updates, and produce a compelling piece on time.

The Results

With the video at its core, the campaign was a success, and Rollins exceeded their historic fundraising goal. The video also helped attract many new patrons and encouraged past ones to form a deeper connection to Rollins, including an ongoing investment in its future. Today, we continue to partner with Rollins College, and they continue to leverage the footage from this project in other marketing materials to support their enrollment and fundraising goals.
“Their work is obviously beautiful, but my favorite part about working with Studio Say So is that they are true partners throughout every step of the process. They not only work to understand your goals for each project, but they are also committed to really understanding your brand and your audience. They are responsive, nimble, and easy to work with, and they’ll bend over backwards to meet deadlines. Most importantly, you can tell that they truly care about what they do and the success of your partnership. The result is work that resonates.”

–Luke Woodling, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Rollins College
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